Guarantee and privacy policy

Guarantee and privacy policy - it is the guarantee of the security of the tenant and the landlord, clear instructions and regulations, the implementation of which is obligatory for both sides. Cooperation with the company assumes that you are familiar with our Privacy Policy and fully accept its conditions.

Guarantees, Privacy Policy

This agreement regulates the terms and conditions of service by Сrypto Mining LTD. By signing this agreement, you agree to using the services of the company during the entire period of the contract, also you confirm that all the clauses of the Membership Agreement are read and its content is completely clarified to you, accept and agree to comply with terms and conditions below.

1. General position of Сrypto Mining LTD Company

    1.1. Only adults are allowed to participate in the service.
    1.2. It is allowed to use just one personal account, registration of just one personal account for one IP address
    1.3. For the violation of the rules, the company management has the right to disable all accounts of the infringer, as well as to freeze the funds till the clarification of all circumstances.
    1.4. Blocking is carried out without warning at the discretion of the administration.
    1.5. The website is the Company property. Whilst registering, you confirm that you have leaned and accept the Terms and Privacy Policy.
    1.6. If the Tenant does not agree with the conditions, s/he can break the agreement after the end of the lease term, and if s/he is pleased with the cooperation, after the end of the lease, he may prolong it.
    1.7. Fraudulent actions aimed at harming the company, are considered criminal and will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of the country in which the company is registered.
    1.8. The tenant has the right to make claims or requests for work service by contacting the Technical Support or the resource Administration.

2. Service Guarantee of Сrypto Mining LTD

    2.1. The company Сrypto Mining LTD is committed to ensure the security of its website and the protection of personal data of participants, their funds, their personal accounts, etc. in accordance with international standards of the Privacy Policy.
    For this purpose, measures are being taken to ensure safety by using modern technologies and achievements such as: the anti-DDoS protection, Green-bar, EV SSL certification and other means of protections.
    Company Administration guarantees that personal information will not be disclosed to third parties, including the tax authorities (because the User is obliged to pay taxes on income in their own country) and to the police without proper inquiries.
    2.2. Service Management has the right in its sole discretion and unilaterally without appeal to refuse the applicant to provide services, if the participant is seen in the violation of the terms of this Agreement, attempts to harm the Service, seen in fraudulent activities.
    2.3. The company undertakes to guarantee qualified work of the website, to ensure its smooth operation, and undertakes to pay the accrued interest to the Tenant in due time.
    2.4. Server rental of Сrypto Mining LTD, as well as dividend payments are made in dollars, which reduces the risk of loss of revenue to a minimum, due to the changes of bitcoins course.
    2.5. All types of risks, including economic, legal and foreign exchange, our company takes over.
    2.6. Guarantees the payment of interest for the entire period of the contract signed with the tenant.
    2.7. Excellent technical equipment: powerful equipment, including industrial, supplied data center, natural environment for productive work.
    2.8. The company provides an opportunity to earn Bitcoins for free. To do this, you need to install on your PC a program developed by Сrypto Mining LTD specialists.

3. Denial of responsibility

    3.1. Technical issues, the solution of which depends on third-party developers and third parties, are not in the competence of the Company service management.
    3.2. Сrypto Mining LTD Company is not responsible for failure to comply with the conditions of Rules Agreement, if the violation is due to the impact of force majeure circumstances.
    3.3. Force majeure circumstances may include malfunctions of equipment, communication channels, political risks, etc.

4. Risks Agreement

    4.1. The participant should understand that any investment activity carries risks and investing in Сrypto Mining LTD Company is not an exception.
    4.2. At the moment achieved results and performance of the Company are not affected in any way and do not guarantee future performance profitability.
    4.3. Service Management is not responsible for any hacker attacks of the accounts. To avoid breaking the account it is recommended to form complex passwords, in any case not to transfer them to unauthorized persons, as well as any personal data.
    4.4. Investment rental activity is a voluntary act, which risks are understood in full, realized by the investor and shall be taken into attention of.

5. Rent conditions

  • 5.1. Participant may invest in rental power using the following payment systems:
  • 5.2. Сrypto Mining LTD does not charge a commission when funds are withdrawn. However, the commission is charged by payment systems. Processing of a withdrawal is made in the automatic mode during 24 hours. You will receive your payment as soon as the order is processed by the moderator.
    5.3. Minimum capacity for rent is 62.5 Gh/s.
    5.4. Maximum power of rental equipment 3 355 669 Gh/s.
    5.5. Incorrectly appointed payments and transfers will not be accepted by the system.
    5.6. In case of account hacking, the tenant is obliged to inform Technical Support about the fact of breaking and leaking of personal information to third parties, for the proceedings and to prevent the loss of funds.

6. Income accrual from mining by Сrypto Mining LTD Company

    6.1. Rented powers begin to work on the selected algorithms (algorithms SHA256, Ethereum Mining, X11, Dagger-Hashimoto, Scrypt mining) from the moment of contract conclusion and start mining Bitcoins, as well as Altcoins and other forks. Extracted cryptocurrency is divided among all mining Companies involved in the closure of the unit.
    6.2. Regardless of the exchange rate and Bitcoin fluctuations, as well as the number of produced coins by the Company, the Participant receives percentage revenue from his contribution.
    6.3. The depreciation risks are taken over by the Company. At the same time profit from the value of Bitcoins ups is accrued to the Company.
    6.4. Interest is accrued according to the chosen rate plan in automatic mode 24 hours/5 days a week.
    6.5. The participant can withdraw profits from Monday to Friday.
    6.6. Technical difficulties and lack of access to services in this regard does not affect the accrual.

7. Payments regulation

    7.1. The minimum amount for the payment of deposits is 10 USD.
    7.2. The maximum amount for the payment of deposits is not more than 10000 USD for a single operation.
    7.3. Member may request payment from Monday to Friday.
    7.4. Withdrawal processing is made in the automatic mode during 24 hours. You will receive your payment immediately after your application is processed by the moderator.
    7.5. Profits withdrawal can only be registered on Tenant’s personal account specified in the form (Settings section in the dashboard).

8. Cooperation terms

    8.1. The Tenant has the right to participate in the affiliate program of the company, in order to obtain the partner remuneration, without any additional investment.
    8.2. Сrypto Mining LTD Company accrues the Tenant partnership reward as a percentage from other members rental capacity, according to the terms of the affiliate program.
    8.3. When you try to deceit (fraud) the administration, the Management of the Company is obliged to verify the application using relevant measures, such as account deletion, blocking, penalties.
    8.4. The Company is not responsible for any potential damages associated with the risks of working with this service.
    8.5. Tenant is forbidden to insult the company Management, including the website support team.

9. Participation in the affiliate program of the Company

    9.1. Company affiliate program offers the partner % out of the profits of the invited via his personal link Tenant:
        -   Level 1 - 10%
        -   Level 2 - 7%
        -   Level 3 - 5%
        -   Level 4 - 3%
        -   Level 5 - 2%
        -   Levels 6-9 - 1%
    9.2. Partnership bonus is accrued directly to the Inviter’s account, immediately after the interest calculation attracted by Tenant.
    9.3. The Participant may at any time withdraw his partnership reward (not less than $ 5, under the condition that he has bought the power of not less than 62.5 gh/s), or use the amount received for the purchase of additional capacities for mining.
    9.4. The Company may provide the participant educational, promotional materials, landings and other tools in order to attract new partners.
    9.5. Сrypto Mining LTD does not practice and forbids its tenants to use methods that violate or lead to a violation of human rights offending him or forcing the activities against his will.
    9.6. Accounts of Tenants that use illegal methods, can be blocked, without warning, by the website Management.
    9.7. Сrypto Mining LTD does not practice and forbids its tenants to use methods that violate or lead to a violation of human rights offending him or forcing the activities against his will.
    9.8. Accounts of Tenants that use illegal methods, can be blocked, without warning, by the website Management.

10. Additions and changes

    10.1. Management has the right to make changes and adjustments to the Agreement without prior notice to Users.
    10.2. After making changes to the Agreement Terms, the Company undertakes to notify the tenants about changes.
    10.3. Addition to the terms and conditions of the agreement Download