About us

Сrypto Mining LTD Company is a close-knit team of professionals, experts in their field.

We are working with crypto-currency for many years now and know how to extract and sell it the most effective way, so we offer our tenants real beneficial and profitable conditions.

CEO Richard Walker Director-General

The founder of the company, one of its best specialists. Since mining on video cards, he was able to attract investors and create my own mining farm. At the end of February 2016, he signed a sales and sales agreement for the data center. In March 2016, with the official registration of the company, he took up the post of general director.

CFO Craig Morgan Chief Financial Officer

The company's leading specialist in finance, is responsible for the work of financial managers, as well as analysts, determines the financial policies, risks, and sustainability of the company. One of the co-founders. In March 2016, he became CFO. The head of the finance department and division, whose work is aimed at optimizing costs.

CTO Justin Baker Chief Technical Officer

Responsible for production technology. He heads the technical department and manages the "heart of the company" - its server. Specificity of activities: the commissioning of new equipment and developments, increasing the productivity of mining in conditions of increased complexity of the network. He graduated from one of the oldest universities in the UK - King's College London, University of London.

CIO Julia Moore Chief Information Officer

The best specialist of the company in the field of information technologies. Graduated from City, University of London. It is she who manages the process of defining and implementing the company's development strategy in the field of technology. Reports to the CEO. He heads and analyzes the work of the entire IT department, is responsible for information support of the business, the work of the entire information part.

COO Kevin Thompson Executive Director

One of the most skillful managers, thanks to his irrepressible energy and ability to work with people, the company Сrypto Mining LTD owes its success and a stable movement forward. He graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the country - King's College London, University of London. His responsibilities include planning, developing strategies, organizing sound economic activities and other powers.

CCO Shaun Lewis Director of the negotiation and enforcement procedures

Commercial director of the company. Professional of the year by rating of the company Сrypto Mining LTD. He joined the post in March 2016. Has a master's degree in management and economics. He graduated from the world-famous University of Oxford. Responsible for marketing, sales, development of commercial strategy, customer service, budgeting and price niche.

CSO Jonathan Hill Chief Security Officer

He took up his post in March 2016. Manages the security department of the company, including, it organizes physical protection of the company's facilities, as well as its information and economic security. Has a master's degree in law, as well as a bachelor's degree in information technology. Responsible for technical, information protection means Сrypto Mining LTD.

СМО Teresa Miller Chief Marketing Officer

Leading specialist of the company, is included in the basic composition (one of the co-owners and founders). she enters the ruling elite of the company, manages the marketing department, determining the strategy of the company, taking the most important decisions, on which the profit and success of Сrypto Mining LTD directly depends. She graduated from the University of Sheffield, holds a master's degree in economics and management.

CDO Ian Jackson Director of Data Management

Specialist in the collection, storage, transmission of company data. He took up his post in March 2016. Has a master's degree in information technology. Responsibility for reforms and data changes, methods for collecting information, managing relevant projects, organizing monitoring, providing proposals for the analytics department, and much more.

CAO Rebecca Phillips Director of the Analytical Department

The company's brain, a leading analyst. A specialist who knows in advance all the moves and pre-leading scoring of points "for" and "against". She took up her position in 2016, but long before the official registration of the company, she was one of the key figures influencing the development and formation of Сrypto Mining LTD. Co-owner. Graduated from the University of Sheffield. Responsible for the competitiveness and sustainability of the company.

LD Paul Macey Leading software developer

Has 13 years of experience in IT. Has experience working in highly loaded services and neural networks. Manages IT and web development.

BD Geoffrey Creighton Blockchain developer

He studied computer science and information technology, he was actively engaged in programming. Later, he became interested in bitcoin, blockchain and everything related to the crypto-currency sphere. Its main specialization is blockchain-development.

DEV Brian Foster Developer

Educated in the field of information technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is responsible for everything related to the blockchain. He is engaged in testing, designing, installing, fixing and supporting our software, based on the blockchain.

CTOD Matthew Warren Head of the development department

After receiving the title of doctor of technical sciences, he worked as a developer of the program and administrative part and began to be interested in technology of blockchain and clever contracts in his spare time. He took part in the development of computer software for the oil and gas industry.

SCM Gary Parson Specialist in crypto-currency mining

Actively participates in the crypto-currency sphere practically from the moment of its creation in 2009. He wisely decided to focus on the mining of bitcoin in 2011 and has since made significant progress. He knows all the nuances of the world crypto: from mining to trading and storage.

PR Martin Molligan Specialist in Public Relations

With more than three languages, he is responsible for working with partners in Europe and South America. Manages internal and external communication.

PR(AP) Kelly Jeff Specialist in Public Relations

Responsible for everything related to marketing and communications in Asia. She check accounts on social networks and update information about crypto-currencies.

Designer Catherine Aldridge Designer

She traveled around the world and took part in various creative projects. She has been actively involved in the design development since 2012 and is very pleased that she is now part of our team.

Chief Trader Mark Birch Chief Trader

A genius in the field of currency trading on exchanges, which began to work in this area from the age of 21 and achieved significant success. His phenomenal skills in this field are of great importance to our company, from the moment he joined us.

CRC Alan Longman Chief of the Research Center

The Center is engaged in the research of crypto-currencies. The main task is to study new opportunities for the company, the use of which will expand the capabilities of our customers.

CISO Carl Barrington Chief of IT Security

Responsible for developing an information security policy and related documents. Performs a daily audit of critical information and key information resources to be protected. Developed his system to find and eliminate critical vulnerabilities in the corporate network.

TOP analyst Simon Keat TOP analyst

Expert in the field of automated reporting. Has experience managing large amounts of data for 11 digital company projects simultaneously.